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Vision and values

Akademika will be the students' own bookstore, affordable and the best for the curriculum, We aim to be the country's leading non-fiction bookstore and online outlet.

We will therefore focus on the following principles;

- Our customers love to read, we therefore communicate with them in a language they understand.

- We would like them to visit us often, and ask for help.

- Our mission is to make things easy for them. We should therefore make it simple to identify the product, find out what it costs, etc.

- If we do not have the book, we can obtain it quickly 

- We care about where the goods come from and the conditions it is produced in. 

- We strive to find the goods you need at a low price, but to ensure the operation and the quality is the best for all we also profit from selling it. 


SiOs main objective is to make it easy and educational to be a student in Oslo. Akademika - which is owned by SiO - offer students, groups and other professionals interested in a wide range of books, paper goods and other goods they may need. 
If we succeed, you .as a student and reader will gain from this.
In working like this we don’t only meet the readers needs, but we've also added to SiO’s valuable assets that can be used for other developments which again will benefit the students.