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Typography is an important part of the Akademika toolbox. The Font ITC Avant Garde Gothic (from Linotype) is selected as Akdemika's profile font. Avant Garde Gothic is Grotesque font (without serifs) with a friendly expression and good readability. It is available in several weights from the Book, Medium, Demi and Bold. Avant Garde Gothic is used for most printed material. The font can be ordered via

Arial is used as a “system font” for digital media such as e-mail mainly used for bodytext.

Do not use larger amounts of white text (negative), because of bad readability. Remember that it is important to take care of readability when you choose font sizes.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Medium

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold

Typography sample.