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Signage and vehicles

In general, we use the logo and the symbol for signage.

Our logo/symbol can be used outside (as additional signs, or inside as wall signs). Below we show examples of the signs inside and out, and describe the materials and principles for the use of different signs that are allowed for the bookstores.
Protruding signage

The protruding sign is used on facades where it is important to be visible from awkward angles e.g. down a busy shopping street. The sign is colored plexiglass, with interior lighting. The symbol is white, in relief from the background.

Compact wall plate

Compact wall plate

Compact wall plate without opening hours.

Compact wall plates are used next to entrance doors where there is little space and bigger wall plates don't fit in. The plates are coloured plexi glass. The symbol and logo is white, embossed from the background. The background is coloured burgundy.

Opening hours change a couple of times during the year and have to be flexible. One solution can be a plexi plate with foiled text, which can be taken out and replaced. The compact wall plate without opening hours is a bit lower in height.
Outdoor column

The vertical column is varnished aluminium for outdoor signage. It is used to make the shop visible where the entrance are not seen properly. Regarding the logo, the letters should be coloured plexi glass. They are covered with varnished aluminium in metallic grey (or brushed steel). The letters are punched in the metal.

Vertical wall plate

The vertical wall sign is used at the entrance of the shop. The letters are colored plexiglass illuminated from within. This is painted aluminum in metallic gray (or brushed steel), with the letters die-cut in the metal.

Foil on windows

Example of entrance to the shop. The foil pattern has a "sandblasted" effect.

Example of a shared entrance that does not directly lead to the store. There is no room for any signs, it is important that the logo appears in the window sill. The foil with the pattern has a "sandblasted" effect.

Foil can then be used to block off cluttered windows to create a tidier appearance.

Examples of projects with the pattern and logo. It is important not to overdo the use of the pattern when it is used on a large scale.

Arrows Metal plates

White metal plate with logo from coloured foil and arrow.

Painted metal plate with white text (foil). Used next to entrances which are not used for customers or as a main entrance, for example delivery entrances etc.

3D wall plate

A 3D letter sign is used at the main entrance of shops or offices. The depth of the sign is 10% of its height (for example at height of the letter k) as a general rule. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The front of the sign is built of plexi glass which goes around the letters. The sides of the letters are covered with varnished aluminium and coloured in grey metallic. The sign is lighted from the inside of the letters.

3D wall plate in plexi glass

3D letters on plexi glass is to be used at the main entrance of the shop or an office where there are difficulties having a light mounted from the inside/back of the letters. The letters are in coloured plexi glass according to the profile, whilst the back signage is painted in white.

Open / closed sign

The opening times of the different shops change a couple of times during the year and therefore need a flexible system.

How this is solved depends on if the shops have the same seasonal times every year. If this is the case, the shops can have a set of plates with opening times which can be changed. These pre-printed plates can be inserted in plexi cases which are placed next to the entrance.

Interior column, signpost

For interior use the vertical column is varnished aluminium (or brushed steel). It's used to show where the different areas of the shop can be found. The top of the column is red, transparent plexi glass with a foiled white logo. The column itself is varnished aluminium coloured grey metallic (or brushed steel). The floor indicators are made of the same transparent plexi glass as the top of the column, glued on the surface. The shop categories er printed in white foil.


Sample Akademika vehicle.


Akademika's "love stick".