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Profile elements

Akademika’s visual profile consists of a "toolbox" with different elements. These are logo, colors, patterns, typography and the logo symbol. When these elements are used together and in a correct way, it helps to create a clear and recognizable image of Akademika. It is also time-saving and cost-effective to have an online manual with access for all predefined users.

There are many varied opportunities, and possibilities to create countless different expressions within the defined Akademika expression. In this way the profile will have a longer life. Akademika is primarily red. Our main items are shown under the logo and our logosymbol  a". These items should always be in red.

Logo and Icon will never be used together, they should be independently located. You can find several examples of this under the chapter "profile in use." These two elements are the main symbols of our brand strength, and represents our core profile.

Akademikas Logo. You can read more under Logo and logo elements.

Logo symbol a". You can read more under Logo and logo elements.

Underneath, you will find pattern, colours and typography. Most of this downloadable.

Example for Akademika's patttern. You can read more under Pattern.

Akademika has 2 main colours and 11 additional colours. You can read more under Colours.

Akademikas Typography. You can read more under Typography.