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General introduction

Welcome to the new design.
On the following pages you will find the principles for building the new look and feel.

The new design follows the Lego principle, with modules in various sizes that fit together and can build on each other.

We are proud of the new site that we believe provides a contemporary impression. In addition, the interface has been simplified to make it easier for visitors to navigate and hopefully help them click  the “buy” button!

Akademika Online (cutout):

The principles for development:

1. Top banner with 6 different tabs and a menu for customer service, login and registration.

2. The left field is reserved for information modules and a module for "search in the categories". These modules are in 2 different sizes, and are fixed.

3. The middle field is reserved for campaigns, we have a total of 3 different modules: Theme Banner at the top, underneath is a Banner with books tied into the theme and then we have the general book presentation.

4. The right field is reserved for news, and books.

5. In addition, we have "Complete" modules, this can be a module with small text message intended to provide a stop-effect. The messages are a combination of fun sentences and informative quotes about Akademika and books in general.

6. New colors, use of imagery, book covers and banner illustrations are elements we use actively in the new design. The illustrations give the website a look that does not compete with book covers, and "fits" well with the Akademika brand. The possibilities and combinations are many with the new design, the goal is that the website will be perceived as engaging and draw the audience into the themes we focus on.